Fantasy Novel – 90K – In Revisions

YA Fantasy – When her aunt is murdered and Amara sets out to discover her past, she is swept up as the target in an Anastasiaesque search for a hero supposedly foretold by local legend. Whether or not she can lead a nation out from under the rule of a tyrant becomes a moot point as it becomes clear that said tyrant would rather kill her than see her rise to her rightful place.

Desert Novel – 55K WIP

YA Paranormal – Jethro, Arizona is small town—too small to have secrets, or at least that’s how it seems, but when one of Jethro’s own moves back into town after spending half her life in California, her very presence sets off a chain of events that send her own and five other Jethro High teens’ lives reeling into a suddenly darker unknown, and more than that, leads them to face the fact that they don’t know each other half as well as they think they did.

MG Project – WIP

Keeping tight-lipped about this, other than to say I am so, so excited about it.


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